Kaneffi Trading LTD


Kaneffi Trading LTD is a newly established company in Limassol, Cyprus with
main activity the export of Cyprus products to Scandinavian and Baltic
countries. The offered products are mainly localy produced high quality wines
from few selected wine producers.

That Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, has an impressive
wine heritage should not come as a surprise. The country is one of the oldest
vine-growing and wine-producing in the world, going back 5,500 years.
Although, chronologically, Cyprus belongs to the Old World of wine-producing
countries, the industry has gone through changes that place it more on par
with the New World.


Internationally, Cyprus is best known for the Commandaria wine. The two most
common indigenous varieties grown are Mavro (red) and Xynisteri (white),
whilst the ancient variety of Maratheftiko (red) is also grown to a lesser
extent. In recent years many new varieties of grapes have been introduced,
which have greatly enhanced the island’s wines.

It’s worth mentioning that Grapes have been cultivated without interruption
in Cyprus for centuries, as the island was the only place not to succumb to the
dreaded Phylloxera beetle disease that was killing vines throughout Europe in
the 1800s.


Continue expanding our portfolio with more producers of highest-quality varietals and blends wines from different regions of Cyprus and its indigenous varieties. Advanced plans on the way to include other delicatessen products from Cyprus such as Halloumi cheese, cold-cuts, olive oil and other locally products.


Strengthen the acceptability and excitement of our products with our
consumers throughout the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Provide our clients competitive and premium quality products and services.

Quality Policy

We seek to conduct our business with the highest levels of integrity,
transparency and performance. As a priority we work arduously to deliver
the highest standards of service available to our customers.